Towards “Distributed MPC Made Easy” — Publication Status

Although many approaches for distributed MPC have been proposed, a coherent and easily accessible description of the components of these approaches is lacking. It is the intention of this book to bring together such descriptions, making it easy for control practitioners to implement their preferred approach. For researchers and students, the book will provide a state-of-the-art overview, while at the same time making clear directions of research that deserve more attention.

Current status:

November 2013: Book can be ordered online on
November 2013: Hard copy publication
October 2013: Online publication
July 2013: Publisher has provided first proof.
February 2013: Manuscript is with publisher.
January 2013: Manuscript is being finalized for submission.
November 2012: Chapters are being included in manuscript
October 2012: Authors have prepared revised contributions.
September 2012: Review feedback is being sent out to authors
September 2012: Submitted chapters are under review
August 2012: Initial chapter submissions have been received
July 2012: Chapter submissions are being prepared
May 2012: Confirmations of participation have been sent
April 2012: Authors have been invited